Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Charts of Interest (re-done)

I think there was a problem with the charts in that they were too small. Hopefully the problem is corrected. Please let me know if you have a problem viewing charts as they are the only thing worth 2 cents on this site.

I am learning the intricacies of blogging as I go and I now am able to mark up my charts for you so hopefully the posts will get less verbose. (my word of the day!) Now don't panic as I will still get on my soapbox to rant.

A noted back in late June the 10 year note yield ($TNX) had broken all 5 down trend lines. The day to day vagaries are for the guys trading in the pits in Chicago. We need to concern ourselves with the longer term picture which I think clearly shows a sea change in the rate picture. This is huge. Remember when this chart goes up bond prices are going down like a teeter-toter.
Here are the 5 descending trend lines on the $TNX have been broke (noted in chart above).They are in order form high point:

158.40 (15.84%) on Sep 1981
139.90 on May 1984
102.30 on Oct 198
80.20 on Nov 1994
67.80 on Jan 2000

Good luck and good trading to you all.

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