Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tisch, Ross and Pickens.

Okay so someone walks up to you and offers you the chance to become a business partner with the above mentioned cats. Pretty decent list I should think. The following charts are vehicles they are involved in.

Above is a weekly chart of Loew's Corp. The Larry Tische and family holding company, a mutual fund of their investments to to speak. They finished a big deal with Dominion resources some time ago. Do some digging around on this one. I think you will like what you find. Chart says not yet though.

The above chart is one I have covered before, International Coal Group. Municipalities can vote down coal intiatives all they want, peak oil is here and sticking your head in the sand will NOT make it go away. Might be a good idea to start perparing now, ya think? Wind and solar are NOT, I repeat NOT the answer, they are a drop in the bucket. A double bottom trying to form, maybe. The trend line is still there and until that is eclipsed all else is noise. This one is getting close now and bears more concerted watching.

The last chart above is of Clean Energy Fuels Corp. This is T. Boone Pickens outfit providing natural gas for fleet vehicles. I know of few who are more successsful in the energy arena than he so he makes a decent partner. The stock is newly trading and has a shorter history than we would like but as my notes indicate a move thru $14 and then the old highs would be fabulous. Remember these are just a couple of ideas for you to do further due diligence on and get yourself more familiar with. Good trading to you all.

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