Friday, August 17, 2007

The Transports

I want to have a look here at the Transport Index ($TRAN).

The above chart is a monthly chart. Please note the shooting star which can be indicative of exhaustion and a reversal. Remember this is a monthly chart so it carries the greatest weight.

The above chart is a weekly view of the transports. Here we see again a shooting star formation along with a test of the trend line. The 40 week MA is broken which is not good.

And lastly we have a daily view. The 50 and 200 have been clearly broken. The trend lines are under assault. We must respect the hammer bar that occurred yesterday which could lead to a rally which should be contained by 4860-4950 area, coincidentally where the 200 now resides. Be flexible, stay focused. Don't get to caught up in the very short term(intraday). Don't pick the bull or the bear side but the right(correct) side. The big money is in the big moves. Be intolerant with losers and very tolerant with winners. Good trading to you all.

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