Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Arrived back from the St. Croix the U.S.V.I. yesterday and I must tell you it was a fabulous trip. We had the opportunity to dive "The Wall" at Cane Bay and I must tell you it was intoxicating. Visibility was approximately 80-100ft and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering it. 2nd dive out between 55 and 85 ft we saw horned turtle, barracuda, diver sandfish, moray eel, 4lb lobster, nerf football sized crab and a pair of sea horses, not to mention coral of every color under the rainbow. All this via a shore dive which was about 75-100 yards offshore. For those who are unaware St. Thomas and St. John are (like most Caribbean islands) volcanic with gently sloping declines, whereas St. Croix was formed via tectonic plate being thrown upwards. The result is a drop from the 60-100 ft range down into the abyss of 3500 ft. Incredible to say the least.

Spent yesterday addressing some computer issues and getting caught up on the markets. The Fed cut interest rates which was not surprising. Was stopped out of Goldman, Marathon, Garmin, and Chevron while away. I am disappointed in the Chevron and Marathon exits in that crude continues to move higher while these stocks continue to flounder which means I will have to look for another entry. Garmin is extremely frustrated as it is now doing as we expected only it had to shake us out first, ahhh the markets gotta love it.

Will post some charts shortly.

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