Monday, April 28, 2008

Index Charts.

Recently I made a satirical attempt to be humorous when I made a post entitled 'The Bond King'. In it, I mocked Bill Gross for his basically hat in hand begging of the Federal Reserve to bail out the U.S. housing market.

Today I came across a serious piece by Professor William Anderson of Frostburg State University in Maryland entitled Must Government Inflate Home Prices.

Please read this over as it is worth the effort. Besides he does a much better job shredding Bill Gross's panhandling than I ever could !

Good Speculating to you all.
Open Positions:
Long 6 units Currencyshares Japanese Yen ticker FXY @ $88.55 stop at $91.40
Long 2 units US Gasoline Fund ticker UGA @ $51.25 stop at $54.34
Long 1 unit Allis-Chalmers ticker ALY @ $14.45 stop at $12.64
Long 1 unit Frontier Oil ticker FTO @ $27.90 stop at $24.64
Short 2 units Daimler AG ticker DAI @ $86.20 stops at $82.48/$81.38
Short 2 units Darden ticker DRI @ $34.55 stop at $37.18
Short 1 unit Brinker Int'al ticker EAT @ $21.25 stop at $21.14

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