Monday, July 7, 2008

Charts of Interest

I have posted some charts of interest this morning which include the XLF, Daimler, Coal, Darden, Brinker and Netflix. I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

The XLF (chart above) looks to be self explanatory.

As my notes indicate, if this is the state of Daimler which makes the Mercedes brand, what are we to think of lesser mortals in the automobile sector and the global economy. But of course there is no recession to fret about, right? This Daimler chart suggests otherwise.

Is the fall here on Market vectors coal (KOL -chart above) the result of margin calls at hedge funds, or maybe end of quarter redemptions ? To be blunt, "who cares" we stand aside and let the current wash others out to sea. Still think you can speculate without stops?

Darden -(chart above)
Brinker -(chart above)

Neflix -(chart above)

Good speculating to you all and always remember that "an investor is a speculator who made a mistake and will not admit it".

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m said...

Thanks for the charts. How do you pick your trailing stop prices?