Sunday, January 3, 2010

$50 Gold Coin..... No, Wait..... $20 !

Now that I can download videos, well, you guessed it..... video mania! In one of my favourites of 2009, Mark Dice tries to sell a 1 ounce gold Cdn maple leaf coin on the street for, can I have a drum roll please ...... $50 !!

No matter how many times I see it, it never gets old! I want to say I am shocked at the naivete, ignorance, apathy of the masses, (take your pick of adjective as they all fit) but really I am not. And you wonder why a Christmas Eve bailout gift to Fannie and Freddie, in the form of a blank cheque, goes by ignored by the masses. Sadly, we truly get what we deserve.

I am labelling this post under gold but I should label it under moron or stooge or mark but hey that would be insensitive and cruel. So hey, just enjoy the video below and see if you 'd rather laugh or cry afterwards. You can catch more work by Mark over at his website Mark

P.S. wanna bet the over people in the video can name every one of Tiger Woods lovers along with the last 2 American Idol winners? I thought so.... me too!

P.S.S. Mark, I would love to see this done in the halls of congress. too funny.

Good speculating to you all and please remember to never forget that "an investor is a speculator who made a mistake and will not admit it".

Open Positions:
Long 1 unit Direxion Large Cap 3X Bear ticker BGZ @ $19.34
Long 2 units Direxion Small Cap 3X Bear ticker TZA @ $12.06
Long 1 unit Direxion Emerging Mkts 3X Bear ticker EDZ @ $6.05
Long 2 units Direxion Financial 3X Bear ticker FAZ @ $19.65
Long 2 units Ultrashort Xinhua China ticker FXP @ $8.49
Long 1 unit Ultrashort Real Estate ticker SRS @ $9.82
Long 1 unit Direxion Tech 3X Bear ticker TYP @ $10.68
Long 1 unit US Dollar Bull ticker UUP @ $22.52 stop @ $21.97
Short 1 unit i-shares Russell 2K ticker IWM @ $61.70 stop @ $63.80


Gold Coins said...

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Bernie Madoff said...

"people are so braindead"

Or maybe they're wary of being scammed? Why should they believe that it is real gold just because he says so? Rice's sneering attitude is pathetic.

"you can't even give away a 1 ounce gold coin"

People would wonder if it was stolen. Why shouldn't people be wary?

"i would buy the coin, then take it into the nearest coin shop"

And then perhaps find out that it isn't real gold and that you had just lined the pockets of a scammer who does this to loads of people. It's a good thing that those people didn't buy Rice's coin. Good for them to not take his word for it. It was impossible for them to know, yet Rice takes advantage of their wariness to mock them. Pathetic.

"that guy was too dumb to think of such a strategy"

Or too worried about being scammed?

If they HAD bought it then it would show that they are susceptible to "too good to be true" offers. People should NOT believe it when someone comes along offering "too good to be true".

Harleydog said...


thx for your note, great comment and yes point taken! but.....

the video highlights the fact that people cannot recognize an international gold coin speaks volumes in itself.

No offence, but people in the video who shrewdly avoid a possible "fugazey" or fake, were most likely the same people that took out, no money down, adjustable rate neg-am mortgages, bought Nortel at $100 alongside a box of beanie babies.

being mistrustful of a guy hawking a gold coin on the street saved them $50 short term, but by drinking the Greenspan, Bernanke and anyone else from the gov't kool aid, blew the farm.

If only these people would apply your advice of avoiding too good to be true more evenly across life.

thanks again Bernie.