Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Thoughts on Nothing

Internet shut down, curfew, tanks in the streets, police laying down uniforms and joining protesters yet our VP Biden claims Mubarek is not a dictator. Say what? This is what we consider our ally? With allies like this who needs enemies. Unfathomable.

My point here is should we be shocked people on the street think less of us when we support dictators and despots who loot, pillage and plunder yet we call people like Assange the bad guy. see next point as well.

yet another leader we support and consider an ally. Really? 
It appears that the Tunisia people are quite peeved as they have issued an international arrest warrant for former 'looter-in-chief Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his family. It seems the people have not taken to kindly to reports that he fled the country to Saudi Arabia (France turned him down) with much of the nations store of gold bullion, 1.5 tonnes according to the French press. It seems there is most definitely a roaring bull market in hubris amongst the global ruling elite and their sense of entitlement.

My point here is that Ben Ali and his family should be lucky all the Tunisians issued was an arrest warrant and not dispatched a hit squad.

Institutionalized Fraud on Wall St.
I have railed against the epidemic of fraud that not only has infested Wall St. become has become standard operating procedure. A Wall St. that has become such a cess pool that a man like Charlie Merrill, founder of Merrill Lynch, would not even recognize it today. I worked at a boiler room for a brief stint, right at the beginning of my career and have said time and time again with unquestioned certainty that the only difference between these bucket shops or boiler room firms and the big bracket firms on Wall St. is simply the cufflinks, nothing more.

My point here is what I continue to find unfathomable is that so many on Wall St.stand idly by while it is overrun and infested by the maggots. How any of those thugs from Bear Stearns for example were able to find employment is beyond me and defies all logic, moral and mental. The senior statesmen of Wall St. are either inept, spineless or birds of a feather take your pick.

NFL Playoffs

I am a huge NFL fan. Parity, every game counts etc. I was rooting huge for the Bears, mainly because I adored the way Aaron Rodgers handled the Brett 'mirror mirror on the wall' Favre situation. I want to touch on the Jay Culter thing. These pros (like Jones-Drew) and analysts (like meat head Schlereth) tweeting and commenting how Cutler is gutless, quitter you name it. He was hurt and I applaud Urlacher for stepping up to defend Cutler. The issue I do have with Cutler is that during the 2nd half when he did not play he seemed to be sulking, withdrawn from the game. 

My point here is that Cutler should have been doing everything humanly possible to help first Collins and then, more importantly the novice Caleb Hanie. Cutler should have been right at Hanie's side acting as Hanie's personal assistant, one man cheerleader/pick me up, mentor, everything. In this regard Cutler failed miserably. Just one disgruntled Detroit Lion fans opinion.

Rahm Emmanuel 
Simply put......."Rules what rules? How dare you suggest they apply to someone like me. Don't you realize who I am?"

My point here is where theres a will theres a way and when the dead can vote, multiple times anything is possible right?

World Economic Forum
What more can one say about More Credit Less Crises other than keep the junkie's heroin flowing. Would you dare expect real solutions from such an auspicious event with so many BS's, MBS's and PhD's there.
BS = Bull Shit

MBS = More Bull Shit
PhD =  Piled Higher and Deeper or Poppa Has Dealership if you prefer.

My point here is I wish they would just hit the bars the brothels, enjoy the bender and be done with it. They've done enough carnage with their 'solutions'. No mas already, please!

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