Monday, February 21, 2011

Ron Paul Money Bomb !!

Today you need to take a moment and go to and make a contribution to the Ron Paul Money Bomb.

If for no other reason do it so.....
  • Donald 'mirror mirror on the wall, who's arrogance trumps them all' Trump can eat his CPAC words that Ron Paul has no chance to win.
  • Sean 'the neocon's grovelling, apologizing house bitch' Hannity can really have something to complain about, a libertarian !
  • Bill 'all for the Constitution but only when I say so' O'Reilly can finally learn about the document's value and it's application thru good and BAD (think Katrina and gun confiscation).
  • Michael 'the yellow bellied chicken hawks chicken hawk' Reagan can go back doing what he does best freeloading his last name.

Actually don't do it for any of the above reasons.

Do it for yourself, and if not for yourself then for your children or their children's children.

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