Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Financial Terrorists - Half Right

I have been quite vocal in my assertion that the financial meltdown that occurred here was completely foreseeable.

Problem is too many were profiting from the Great Ponzi. Patriots huh. Speaking of the Great Ponzi did you catch the Anna Nicole/Howard Marshall show on CNBC this morning? I'll get back to that in a minute.

I have been even more vocal that the culprits were financial terrorists.

Well, it appears that my belief that it was indeed financial terrorists who caused the financial meltdown has gone mainstream via a piece in the Washington Times entitled Financial Terrorism Suspected in 2008 Crash.

Please read this thinly veiled attempt at history revisionism.

Here's a little hint for the Kevin Freeman and the rest of the blind mice who put the giftwrapped piece of history revisionism which was at least half right when it called them financial terrorists, it was planned alright you just need to work on your geography as it was planned right here at home.

Start on Wall St., then go to Fannie and Freddie headquarters and then dash over to Congress. Oh, bring lots of leg irons if you are SERIOUS about looking for these 'undiscovered perpetrators' as you call them.

Heres some names you as a start for ya.... Mudd, Raines, Dodd, Schumer, Gramm, Mozilo, Paulson, Blankfein, Fuld, Cayne, O'Neil, Dimon, Weill, Rubin, Summers, Bernanke, Greenspan, Prince, Cox, Geithner, Steele, Lewis.

More names supplied upon request Mr. Freeman.

Yes we were treated to another episode of the Anna Nicole/Howard Marshall show on CNBC this morning. I just love a great Harlequin romance don't you. Anyway it sure is good to see the oracle still touting the Great Ponzi. I am quite certain when the final curtain falls on this show called known as the Great Ponzi Warren Buffett and his Charlie Munger will do down as a couple of the biggest hypocrites ever to grace the planet.

Warren and his water boy Charlie can wag their tongues all they want their actions speak for themselves. Their double talk, their holier than thou attitude, their smug arrogance is too much to take.

I stopped listening to their words and watch their actions. Goldman, Moodys, Wells, etc. If its part of the Great Ponzi Warren has a stake. Gotta love a true patroit. With patriots like him we would all still be licking the books of a parasitic monarchy but I digress.

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