Monday, March 7, 2011

'No Fly Zone' huh Jim Cramer ?


I happened to catch Jim Cramer on CNBC today as I was walking back in my office. I happened to catch his rant on a 'no fly zone' over Libya so we can get oil prices down and avoid derailing this global recovery.

No fly zone huh Jim?

Sure, lets go over there and bomb them into the dust so we can get oil prices down and keep the ponzi going and then when the inevitable blowback happens you proclaim any activity against us is simply because they hate our democracy, our liberty and our freedoms. Gotta love an Ivy league edumacation where 1+1 = 11

Newsflash for the Ivy league moron Cramer, that other spineless chicken hawk on CNBC today Kildoff and the rest of the 'we know better' neocon crowd pestering for no fly zones. Did you ever consider that they might like us a tad more if we just butt out? They they may just dislike us a tad when metric tonnes of our ordinance gets unloaded upon their heads? Maybe its just me.

You want to send our boys and girls over there to establish and enforce a 'no fly zone' over Libya to keep the Great Ponzi going Cramer? Then how about YOU and YOUR family step up, suit up cocked and locked and lead the way!

Show us all if your onions are as big as your mouth.... you pathetic simpleton of a shill.


Politicians are quite the species the world over. The news out of Ireland could get quite interesting if this article out of the Independent Voter betrayal:FG/Labour to ditch pledges on economy has anything to do with it.

The Fine Gael/Labour coalition Government is to implement in detail the outgoing Government's four-year austerity plan as approved by the EU-IMF, the Sunday Independent can reveal.

In what will amount to the most barefaced breach of election promises ever perpetrated by an incoming Government, the coalition partners' programme for government will cause uproar when it is published today.

While an attempt will be made to dress up the programme as a new plan by a new Government, when it is analysed it will be seen for what it is -- the continuation of the economic policies of Fianna Fail and the Greens, virtually in minute detail, as laid down by the EU-IMF.

We shall see how this all turns out and whether the Irish will stand for having the knife stuck in their backs and then twisted. No wonder politicians are held in such high esteem! Time will tell if the statement 'we get the gov't we deserves' reigns supreme or not in Ireland.

CNBC = Propaganda Network

Bob Pisani - Gotta love a die hard shill. The quote "given oil, stocks have held up remarkably well" today was just a beauty. He ought to call in some re-enforcement's to help out. Hey, where's Ron Insana when you need em'?

Maria Bartiromo - Would someone please explain the difference between cash and net cash to the 'money honey'. Someone take her aside and explain borrowing 100k from someone Maria or having 100k doesn't mean you have 100k cash, well it does if you ignore the liability side of the ledger that is. How do say... boobs and boobs in chairs phonetically?

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