Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Musings

Higher Education

I received a mailer today from the University of Michigan. Many up here in East Lansing pick on the Wolverines which I will not do. Anyway the mailer had a picture of a young up and comer in a suit with the headline;

The blue Michigan 'M' + MBA = The Corner Office.

I was on the floor laughing my butt off. The ad should more properly read,

pick any school emblem to go here + MBA = Lifetime of Debt Slavery!!

Newsflash for parents out there. Take the amount your would've spent on college and and worthless BA in politics, English, philosophy, etc which won't even qualify them to drive a bus for the local transit authority and give it to your kid to start a business or venture.

Succeed or fail, they will learn more from that experience than 4 years of college taught by flakes on prescription meds GUARANTEED ! Now I am not a complete idiot, if you child is going to study engineering, biology, mathematics, physics something of substance then by all means bet on the the sheepskin.

Just ask yourself if being able to brag your kid went to so and so prestigious school is worth costing $250k or worse borrowing it? If that's the case, then simply pasting a copy of your bank statement to your bicep and walking around with it much be a cheaper alternative to the useless degree, as Olive Garden is chock full of college grads.


Charles Biderman of Trim Tabs was on the propaganda network for an interview with Maria. He has done this before in which he stated that stock prices were rigged via the Fed. Now he been claiming since Dec of 09' when as he noted, everyone ridiculed him.

It wasn't his statement that stock prices were rigged that I took notice of but rather the 'money honey's reaction to his statement. Nothing, nada, zilch. No comment.

I have been accused of being hard of hearing so maybe I missed her rebuttal to him. Maybe the audio on my TV flaked out on me. Or is it it possible the light bulb finally went on? This staunch defender of all things bullish, of all things Ponzi, just sat there and let Biderman go. I stand to be corrected but wasn't it Plato who stated silence gives consent.

AOL/Huffington Post

As you know the AOL purchase of the Huffington Post closed yesterday with AOL stock continuing to tank. What more can one say, actually there is something else to say except mucho congratulations to Arianna! Not even a fair fight.

1+1= 11 right Mr. Armstrong? He'd be an absolute perfect fit at Treasury or at Goldman doing God's work.

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