Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Never Underestimate the Other Guy's Greed

I never was the brightest bulb in the room, heck I can admit that now. I needed a tutor to get through calculus locked in my room with absolute silence whereas my younger brother (specialist physician) got all the brains and could do calculus in front of Monday Night Football with his headphones on. Basically, I got the height, that's about it.

Oh, I almost forgot that I have been blessed with, besides height, a super sensitive bullshitometer. I can sniff out a dirt bag quite quickly. My track record for identifying these maggots is quite marvelous as many around me have remarked, sadly done often in hindsight. I sure hope it doesn't take one to know one but hopefully you get the picture.

I have railed ad nauseum about the larceny and outright thievery on Wall St. that seems to be downright limitless. I often think of, and fans of the movie Scarface will recognize the title of this post, Robert Loggia's character Frank Lopez and his memorable line;

"Lesson number 1: Never underestimate the other guy's greed!"

Gee, you think this might apply a tad bit on Wall St?

Readers know my oft repeated adage that many on Wall St. would sell their wives/daughters/mothers into sex slavery for a 6 or 7 figure bonus. Unfortunately many of you thought then and still now find this outlandish, rank hyperbole.

Well, as this cesspool or Great Ponzi as future historians will refer to this current economy, is slowly drained and the facts become apparent we are learning that Frank Lopez and quite frankly myself not only were spot on in our observations about these people but actually quite tame in our assessment.

Case in point. Get a load of Matt Taibbi's (of Rolling Stone magazine who has been all over the story chronicling the Great Ponzi and its aftermath) newest piece entitled The Real Housewives of Wall Street, Why is the Federal Reserve forking over $220 million in bailout money to the wives of 2 Morgan Stanley bigwigs?

Read it and then maybe we'll play word association.
What word shall I use for a family audience cause I sure know what I would use for a locker room one.

How about brazen.
How about audacious.
How about just plain ol' criminal.

Remember now this is the wife of the same John Mack that was investigated for insider trading. Well, I use the term investigated loosely because considering most at the SEC are too busy surfing porn even as we speak, someone (a cat named Aguirre if I recall correctly) starting poking around and wanted to interview (re: question Mack) which didn't sit well with with Mack and long story short Aguirre gets fired. and ended up getting fired.

Here is what I had to say about the dirt bag that is Mack previously back in my post dated Sept. 11, 09;

"And as for John Mack, yes the same John Mack of the insider trading with Pequot Capital, he is living proof of everything that is wrong with Wall St. I am sure he is nice to his pets, adored at his place of worship, and he is very generous with charities, charlatans always are. But make no mistake, the rules and laws of our society and as they apply to you and I do not apply to men like John Mack, Hank Paulson, et al."

For anyone interesting in learning more about this gem of guy Mack and the Pequot incident, Don Bauder out with the San Diego Reader has a great piece you can read here.

Well, what do you think.
Land of rules and laws huh?. And to think money honey Maria still wonders why trust and confidence in the capital markets is missing. Still wonder why its the network of boobs and boobs in chairs. Can she really not get it or just dresses up to play her role in a Vaudeville play.

I hate to say this but as all this dirt is revealed, with time my friends it all will be, maybe the REAL pessimists are correct when they assert that the whole thing is perverted and diseased and would do well to be razed to the ground.

Ahh what the heck, fear not as there is nothing to fret or concern ourselves with here as the TV still works the beer is still cold and the Games of the Coliseum continue. Yes, pro sports, Jersey Shore, Dancing with the Stars Idol, Survivor, Great Race and all the other assorted mind numbing absolute trash continues in their regularly scheduled programming slots.

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