Monday, May 16, 2011

Chore Week

Discovery Channel has Shark Week. Last week at our house was Spring Chore Week so my apologies for lack of posts.

Did you catch tax cheat Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner has now predicted double dip if congress fails to lift debt ceiling. Sure. I am shocked he didn't use the world Armageddon like his predecessor Hank Paulson loved to. Maybe Paulson has trademarked and copyrighted that word already? It never could be that debt piled upon debt stacked upon yet more debt could cause a double dip let alone a full blown debacle right? Pathetic lackey simpletons the lot of em'.

IMF head staying in $3k/night hotel rooms now accused of raping a maid. A Danielle Steele novel maybe? No, just another day in the Great Ponzi. The ink isn't even dry and we have CNBC windbag chief Jim Cramer tea bagging JP Morgan alum Lipsky for the job now, are you surprised? Does it get any better than this.

Sure it does. CNBC has a countdown clock to Strauss-Kahn's arraignment. Just make sure you keep wondering why I unload non-stop on this group of maggots. By the way did anyone if CNBC mentioned that this all has to be super bullish for stocks? Just checking. Hey maybe the U.S taxpayer should fund more entities like the IMF since they do such noble and necessary work to the survival of our species.

And yes, as the chart below shows, it is you, the U.S. taxpayer who finances Strauss-Kahn's lifestyle.

Hmmm, lets see... who would I have more respect for? No, check that. Who has more intrinsic economic value? The cat who shoes horses, lifelong public tit sucking, trough swilling, flying and staying first class all while gambling other peoples money and futures IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve finance thug? I'll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count. Hey, lets just ask a brilliant CNBC anchor the answer and be done with it. That is if they can take a moment away from promoting their book to answer the question.

Have you been following the Barnes v The State of Indiana situation closely? Just in case you have been too busy watching Dancing with the Stars, the Indiana Supreme court recently ruled that a home owner you can no longer refuse police entry into your home. Illegal or lacking any probable cause, it doesn't matter. Su casa es mi casa. You may want to rethink laying that nice expensive carpet down anytime soon as I am sure the SWAT boys will not be taking off their boots when they visit you. Gotta love a police state. You know the kind that makes you feel secure, warm and fuzzy.

Kinda like this....

While on this topic have of police state, you might want to have a peek at Wendy McElroy's piece It Can Happen Anywhere over at the Ludwig Von Mises site. Then after you do that you may want to pick up a copy of her recommended reading Defying Hitler. I just received my copy today.

Under the topic of same ol', same ol' Matt Taibbi has another article out in Rolling Stone entitled The People vs Goldman Sachs. Matt has done great work exposing Goldman for what they truly are, and no they are not doing God's work no matter what Lord Blankfein says, most are just becoming de-sensitized to the whole thing. Simply my 2 cents.

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