Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yet More Random Thoughts

Mike Adams operates a great site Natural which should be on your regular visit list. He recently put out an interesting piece called 14 signs the collapse of our modern world has begun. I realize many will consider the title a little 'over the top'. I also realize that for so many the cancellation of All My Children and One Life to Live is much more important issue to discuss than any of Mike's 14 points. Heaven help us if the networks go one step too far and cancel Jersey Shore or American Idol which would most assuredly bring out the citizenry en mass with pitchforks and torches demanding scalps. Maybe you can reserve judgement a few moments until you read and consider all his points.

In other news it appears we have a much more serious, potentially catastrophic crisis on our hands. No it's not the crushing national debt load, nor is it the dollar. Forget Fukishima, as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. No it's not the Waterfall TALF Opportunity fund for Wall St. trophy wives nor is it more of the seemingly endless fallout of the mortgage mess. No, readers this is much more SERIOUS. It appears there is Shortage of ADHD drugs which has sent parents scrambling. Yes the trance so many of the our nations zombie children, and adults for that matter, walk around in may be wearing off. Can you imagine what the teachers union will have to say about this?!

Speaking for myself, I can only pray there is no shortage of the new drug Reachemol that I have recently started taking. You see I went in to see my doctor for my predicament, I am not a very popular blogger. I was petrified that my physician was going to recommend healthy eating, exercise, a positive mental attitude. Thank goodness he didn't suggest any of that as he simply wrote me a script for the new miracle drug which will answer my prayers.

REACHEMOL™ (popularitus maximol) is the only prescription medicine clinically
proven to treat Deficient Popularity Disorder (DPD). In all but the most severe of cases,
REACHEMOL™ will increase your popularity so much that people will actually like you,
instead of shunning you like an Old Testament leper.

Now I had my doubts before taking Reachemol given its claims to:
• Increase popularity
• Boost self-esteem
• Become more attractive to the opposite sex
• Win elections
• Sway juries
• Weasel your way back into the will

Sure I thought. Then I worried about the side effects which are:
• Narcissism
• Justin Bieber
• Pregnancy
• High blood pressure, cholesterol and self-esteem
• Blindness associated with Paparazzi attacks
• Sexual Exhaustion
I thought gee that's okay I guess. Besides my doctor says I need it and it sure beats eating right and exercising. I am stocking up on Reachemol today cause I don't know what I would do if they ran out now that I'm hooked on it.

For those not aware Reachemol is a fictitious drug. I am NOT taking Reachemol. I am dealing with my unpopularity the old fashioned way, cold turkey. Reachemol is being featured as part of an Adams outdoor billboard campaign they are running locally here to show the power of advertising.

The Markets

What does one say about this market? The facts are there yet so many, most especially the cheerleaders on Wall St. and the financial media, choose to ignore them, gloss over them, or distort and then spin them into a positive light. Reported earnings are revered until they stop delivering (think dotcom/tech bubble) so the metric is changed to operating earnings as justification. Earnings are important until they stop impressing then switch the metric to gross revenues.

Things like the facts don't matter until all the naysayers are completely and thoroughly discredited and suddenly all the former cheerleaders go silent. The facts do matter one again. We have seen it before so many times as to almost be comical. Lets look at something I am very fond of, gold and silver. I have no position in either right now. I am no way shape or from claiming in any way claiming gold and silver are in a bubble. I hope I have made myself clear so there is no misconceptions.

Is it me or has anyone else noticed the seemingly universal bullishness for the precious metals. So are you shocked that your broker started calling you the last few months to recommend you buy gold and silver here? Better yet, make that the gold and silver shares. They have the leverage.

Really, are you shocked? Of course now don't forget the energies. Wall St. has gotta love them too, heck they're rising, plus you need to balance out your portfolio.

Funny how that same salesman, sorry I meant to say advisor/consultant, that poo-poohed owning the precious metals back in 1997-1999 when gold was sub $400/oz. and silver sub $8/oz. Or crude sub $15/bbl. Yes they were garbage back then, besides, they were too busy hounding you to buy their priority list picks iof the day, names like Nortel, Cisco and Dell.

Lovely! Oh, please don't forget to sprinkle in a little JDS Uniphase, some Inktomi and Razorfish as well.

Yes Wall St. loves a winner but only after everyone and their 5year old nephew knows it's a winner.... like say the Yankees right now. You think Wall St. woulda told Mr. Steinbrenner to buy the Yankees back when he did. Ha ha!!

Just remember this when the shills come on CNBC telling you what looks good.

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