Friday, May 27, 2011

Zero Chance of Getting Elected you say Mr. Trump?

I thought this recent 5 minute video from congressman Ron Paul might be enlightening. Of course, after listening to his speech it will be patently obvious why Donald 'mirror mirror on the wall, whose arrogance trumps them all' Trump claimed at CPAC Ron Paul has zero chance of getting elected.

Zero chance of getting elected you say Mr. Trump? Oh yes after watching the video below it is painfully clear how Mr. Trump could come to that conclusion. Ron Paul makes far too much sense to ever get elected with his current platform, but should Mr. Paul get with the already scheduled program and want to:
  • gut the constitution by supporting items like the Patriot Act (oxymoron of the century to be sure),
  • get tough on terror by kowtowing to the TSA,
  • declare war at will and
  • bow down as errand boy and servant to the elite oligarchy perpetuating their ponzi scheme,

then for sure he becomes an instant front runner. Yes very clear to me why Donald Trump says he has no chance.

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