Thursday, June 9, 2011

Remember that Fukushima Nuclear Thing in Japan?

Just in case you were wondering, hey whats been happening with that Fukushima nuclear thing in Japan? Well back on May 12 the truth finally came out and we were advised that a meltdown a Fukushima started 5 hours after the earthquake and that 11 hours after the quake:

"all of the uranium fuel in the facility’s unit 1 reactor had slumped to the bottom of its inner containment vessel, boring a hole through a thick steel lining"

It makes me get all warm and fuzzy about politicians. I have often called politics a shitty version of WWF wresting but you can simply rest assured that whenever a politician is telling you something, anything, there is about a 98-99% probability he is lying to you. Forget the douche bag, less than zero wanna be's like that pimple on a wart Weiner but focus on the serious 'threat to mankind' types than are rampaging the globe as we speak. The financial and humanitarian terrorists. You know the kind. The kind that run around telling us that:
  • sub prime was contained,
  • Saddam had weapons of mass destruction,
  • Armageddon would occur if TARP wasn't passed,
  • Armageddon will occur if the debt ceiling is not raised,
  • that there was only one shooter in the Kennedy assassination,
  • that the Gulf of Tonkin incident really happened,
  • that Libya is not actually a war but is instead a “time-limited, scope-limited military action.”

Yes the kind that gloss over and sugar coat, over and over again ecological and humanitarian disasters and proclaim how it is a nothing event and to ignore the 'scaremongers' also known as idiot bloggers. Yes sheeple, Fukushima was nothing like Chernobyl please move along.

Natural News has reported, via linked sources, that rather than a meltdown, a melt through has occurred at Fukushima. I thought you might want to know about this considering the main stream media conveniently ignore it content to focus on Pippa Middleton, Casey Anthony, Douches Weiner and Schwarzenegger which are all so much more captivating topics.


Anonymous said...

Even if the MS media writes about it, people don't want to read about anything scary. They would rather bury their heads in reality TV. Sheeple is the perfect name for the mass illiterate hordes.

Harleydog said...


Agree. Pop a prozac with a Lunesta chaser, down a Pabst, turn on Housewives of Peoria and veg out, all the while hoping the SWAT team confuses somebody elses house with Pablo Escobars.

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