Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Right on Cue....

Right on cue, with unfailing reliability, the equity markets down triple digits and CNBC hauls out perma guest and fully functioning exotic parrot David Kelley of JP Morgan. Like clockwork the boobs and boobs in chairs network, (footnote to Mike Morgan for that one) CNBC hauls Kelly out to proclaim.... now sit down now as this may come as an utter shock to many......

"stocks are cheap".

Thank goodness stocks are cheap and no one has anything to worry about. And here I was heading for the medicine cabinet to double up my Prozac dosage.

Fortunately for me and countless others former CNBC teleprompter reader, turned book writer, turned fund manager, turned guest market guru Ron Insana earlier today claimed that.... are you ready for this now....

"Greece is irrelevant".

That goodness for that. I am breathing a sign of relief as I write this. Hopefully Greece won't be as irrelevant as his fellow CNBC cheerleader/expert guru/book writer/celebrity Jim Cramer told us sub prime was.

Might be time for yet another book Ron.

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