Friday, June 10, 2011

Surprise, Surprise He Likes Equities

I just caught the latest guru interview from the propaganda network CNBC. This time the interview was with Larry Fink from Blackrock. I know you will find this a shock but he is bullish of equities. Mr. Find when on to say that his biggest fear is Europe, but he loves equities. I needed a good laugh today and that sure was it.

You know what my biggest fear is? That shills and charlatans like Fink are touted as pundits and given the forum to spout their propaganda.
  • bad economy - he likes equities
  • good economy - he likes equities
  • the Fed is providing liquidity - he likes equities
  • the Fed is withdrawing liquidity - he likes equities
  • mushroom cloud over Japan - he likes equities
  • global economic slowdown - he likes equities
  • US federal balance sheet fiasco - he likes equities
  • job creation non-existant - he likes equities
  • endless war - he likes equities
  • peace - he likes equities

Wow, heady stuff! Kinda reminds me of those experts, where is David Lereah when you need him, who told everyone always to buy real estate, as it always goes up.

I can't seem to figure out how shills like these connect their dots. Someone please tell me why what Fink does is worth listening to or worse yet paying for?

I guess you simply go to one of the drone producing factories, aka MBA grad schools or incubators of financial mobsters as I like to call them, pay hundreds of thousands of your great grandfathers fortune he has left behind from his labor, more often than not manufacturing or creating something, to learn how to become a perpetually bullish, paper shuffling, the Fed is always right, 2+2=6, equity adoring drone. Simply breathtaking in its simplicity.

I love the NY Yankees ergo I am a baseball pundit. I love Barcelona, now I am a futbol pundit. I can pay that 8 year old shooting hoops down the street skittles and big gulps for that type of insight. That people actually listen to the likes of him and his drivel. I refer back, yet again to the insight of Nassim Taleb, and his claim that if you didn't see the bubble coming I don't want to hear what you have to say. Fink much like his comrade in crumb chasing arms David 'investing is easy' Tepper know one thing. Keep the ponzi going or there will be the dickens to pay.

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