Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Okay, back at my post refreshed and relaxed from a nice vacation in Northern Michigan. We had a fantastic time despite the oppressive heat. Venetian festival was in full swing in Charlevoix.

While away I had the opportunity to play some wonderful golf courses with my wife and some of her family. Note to anyone interested....DO NOT play a course the day following a USGA Amateur qualifier as we did with The Heather at Boyne Highlands.

Actually, check that. You should do it. Do it, just when you think you, and any of your friend's, golf game is mustard. Just when they're "getting too big for their britches" as my father would say. Do it as a reminder of what a REAL course plays like. Where the greens are so slick you might think you were putting on a pool table. Where the rough is so long it flops over like a Billy Ray Cyrus hairdo and you pray your approach shot to the green lands in a bunker so you can have a shot at getting out.

Yes, by all means do it.... and put a bib on and sit back .... for a nice heaping slice of humble pie.

Okay so what did I miss while I was away.

How about ZERO.

Debt ceiling debate you say. Are you kidding me? Yes by all means borrow more money. Right Greece? Borrow more money to fix a debt problem.
How bout we rename the whole charade Wrestlemania 47? Why not, only Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy are missing. I ask yet again, where are the sane adults? Are there none in the room. Ron Paul excluded obviously.

The markets. You want a deal. How about dropping the Dow 500 pts in an hour or so after someone walks out of meeting.

Then, how bout a deal, raising the ceiling via the formation of a super-congress or the 4th legislative branch of government, (please ignore the inconvenient fact that the Constitution doesn't mention or allow for this 4th branch as the Constitution is a scrap piece of paper to be ignored) and the Dow up 1000 pts?

Now there's not problem with any of this so long as they make sure Michelle Bachmann doesn't outlaw internet porn or the SEC will actually have nothing to do and be forced into investigate trading around this news so the log books show they had the computer on.

This is too much to take. Someone wake me when its over.

Are you watching the parade of 20 something Wall St. analysts on the propaganda network today? You really gotta appreciate 20 something, Ivy league educated, daddy plays tennis at the club with my boss analysts. Real seasoned pros putting out recommendations to be peddled by furniture salesman (due apologies to furniture salesman as they actually sell an item you can use and has some benefit).

Just make sure you ignore the likes of a Howard Davidowitz as he could in no way shape or form match wits with these boy genius'.

You simply cannot make this up I tell ya. Back shortly.

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