Monday, July 11, 2011

Consider This

The markets are the markets. They are what they are. Things will matter when they matter. Nothing mattered in 1999-2000 till suddenly things did. Nothing mattered in 2008 until suddenly things did. This time will be no different, no matter what the Fed, the Treasury, the IMF or any other government intervention/manipulation crew does. The lies, the deceit, the distrust all there from top to bottom. But there also comes a time when the bigger picture, something more than, how do they say on Wall St., oh yeah the benjamins, becomes more important. Some news items have passed by of late and not only have caught my eye, but have set the mouse in the wheel upstairs a runnin' once again. Consider this.....

The story about the TSA screener down in Ft. Lauderdale who has been robbing passengers blind and selling his loot on eBay.

Or the story that the FDA tells us we cannot drink raw milk yet we should consume drug, chemical, hormone and Lord knows whatever else, laced FDA approved pasteurized milk.

News Corp hacking into to telephones. British Royal family (parasites as they are) security detail selling sensitive and secret travel and whereabout information to reporters (or the highest bidder).

Or maybe you missed the one about the Miami police dept going after bystanders who were filming them on duty. It appears they don't like it when the sheeple do that.

But wait. There's more.

How about the the academic cheating story out of Atlanta. Yes the teachers and the board administratiors had cheating parties.

Then there's the story, documented via video, about a New Hampshire judge ordering a false arrest. Yes his honor claimed the individual threatened him. What his honor didn't know was the citizen he ordered the bailiff to arrest for threatening him was also recording the event. Are you shocked to learn said Honor then banned recording devices in the courthouse.

And if you really have been living under a rock you may be unaware of the real gem of a story regarding the ATF's Fast and Furious gun debacle.

Can someone please explain to this simpleton what the heck is happening here? Can someone explain why when you tout, herald, and promote the Constitution or the bill of rights you are looked at as a lunatic. Now I do realize all these US flag lapel pin wearing politicians and administration appointees are all hard core die hard patriots to the bone, but are there any adults in the room? You know, people who know right from wrong, who know enough to know when the whole temple has become diseased and perverted beyond recognition and who know not only how to spell constitution but have actually read the document.

Mike Adams runs a fantastic site called Natural News. Mike had an excellent piece recently regarding the ATF gun running travesty entitled US Government openly admits arming Mexican drug gangs with 30,000 firearms - but why?

I strongly encourage you to read his piece on the subject. His conclusions are quite interesting.

There are things going on in this country that leaves one's head spinning. I have a very uneasy feeling that the monitoring and observation of what's left of our capital markets may be the least of one's concerns going forward.


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