Monday, September 19, 2011

Something Definitely is Idiotic

Many of you probably already saw this CNBC exchange back on Sept 8th between Rick Santelli and Pullitzer prize winning journalist and full time uber expert and all things Thomas Friedman of the NY Times.

I brought it up to a friend who had missed it, so just in case you did too here it is below for your viewing pleasure. The piece is fantastic as CNBC's Rick Santelli asks the uber expert Thomas Friedman if he thinks Social Security is a ponzi scheme.

The exchange quickly went downhill from there as Santelli pressed Friedmans no answer. Watch Friedman's reaction to Santelli's pressing. Also take note of Steve 'Fed water boy in chief' Liesman come, like Pavlov's dog, to poor Friedman's defence.

Uber intellectual Friedman, getting noticeably frustrated with Santelli ups the ante with:

"What does your question have to do with reality?"

Seriously Tom.
That's it?That's your reply? What does your question have to do with reality? Maybe its just me but I would expect more from a Pullitzer prize winning journalist.
C'mon Tom, step up. You're a serious intellectual and this is a serious matter and Santelli just said you're full of shit.

Actually Friedman's answer fits in perfectly with the standard practice of the smartest in the room types who are in charge of denying reality that a 7 yr old with basic math skills can figure out yet Ivy league MBA's cannot and continuing to promote the wizard of oz fantasy of free money, easy credit and never having to pay for any of it.

Well readers, it gets better.

You see uber genius, Friedman may not know whether to scratch his watch or wind his ass when it comes to the capital markets but he sure knows when someone has owned his ass in a debate.

So of course he gets his Pullitzer prize winning dander up and comes back with this gem of a retort when Santelli pressing him to answer the question of whether or not Social Security is a ponzi scheme;

"your question is idiotic".

Yup, when asked if Social Security is a ponzi scheme we get "what does your question have to do with reality" and "your question is idiotic."

What Tom, no, liar liar pants on fire defence? I would think the Pullitzer prize winners handbook might have some handy, at the ready, responses for its winners to shell out when caught up in their own fog of bullshit. I'm sure that handbook might have the old, trodden yet very useful 6 year olds in a schoolyard version of "No, it's not a ponzi scheme! stamped it, can't erase it, black magic".

I thought for sure one of those would be your next line as you'd have won us all over for sure most especially my type with a room temp IQ.

I'm gonna let you in on something Mr. Friedman..... something is most definitely idiotic here but it sure isn't Rick Santelli or his question.

Hint.... a mirror may help you figure out what or who it is.

Nothing surprises this blogger. The bullshit is endless.
I am shocked Steve Liesman or his fellow CNBC boobs and boobs in chairs anchors didn't come rushing to Friedmans defence with "Rick, how dare you talk to a Pullitzer prize winning journalist that way."

Watch the entire clip which runs about a minute and a half. You might actually start to feel sorry for the poor boob Friedman, for about 3 seconds then you'll remember how his ilk of pompous know it alls who have run this great nation and so many others into this ditch bark and clamor for us to listen to their new and improved remedies. Too funny where it not all so tragically sad and depressing.

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