Thursday, February 16, 2012

He Who is the Most Connected #CronyCapitalist Wins

In the Brave New World we live in, where Xanax and Prozac are the new Soma, it is he who is the most connected Crony Capitalist who really wins. The Washington Post has an excellent piece Federal Funds flow to clean-energy firms with Obama Administration ties. Don't for a New York minute think that this is a Democrat thing either. In the faux world of politics, much like the WWF wrestling it is all for show. The Republicans before them are just as adept as the Dems at swilling at the public trough, they just pretend they're not.

This piece from the Post by Carol Leonnig and Joe Stephens is yet another in a long line of evidence and should be required reading for all those up and coming IVY league MBA's on how business is REALLY conducted in this country.

You can forget cash flow analysis, forget the 4 c's of credit (it's now the NINJA of credit), if they even teach that useless drivel anymore. No, you want to study the formulae used by the esteemed Charles Ponzi, where 2+2=6 or, depending on the perceived quality of the institution you matriculated at, whatever you say it is!

You must also learn the revolving door concept between Wall St. and the regulators and never ever look up the word recuse or fiduciary responsibility. Another helper is to never ever discuss the downside or the risks as that may scuttle the scam and give the fee generating sheeple in front of you cold feet. Above all, make sure you repeat over and over again that: awards based on merit, decisions are vetted, no personal involvement, good of the nation, patriot act, blah blah blah. Rewind, then repeat. Rewind then repeat.

Then, just when the jackals who see your charade for what it is show up and say so, employ the method that, as Lenin put it.... "if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth". It also helps to brand those nay saying jackals as permabears, pessimists, worry warts and if all else fails you can report them under the see something say something Homeland Security snitch campaign. Heck you might be able to buy their confiscated possessions via your federal contacts at the subsequent estate auction.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. When a presidential candidate like Ron Paul wants to shut it all down and cites barbarous relics like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights remind everyone that he is the nut job, the wacko, and off the reservation. Just make sure you do it over and over again as marginalization of one can take time, especially amongst the segment of the population not medicated.

I wish everything I just wrote was bull$&*# but sadly it is not. Just goes to show you that now more than ever in this land of lies and lawlessness of the ruling oligarchy, that Orwell was certainly correct when he stated that:

"during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act".

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