Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Please Persuade Me

Just so I understand this we now have crude into triple digits, the 10 yr note under 2%(that dumb bond again!), the majority of continental Europe bankrupt while I haven't even got to our housing market our unemployment or China, Iran or the Syrian things and yet the U.S. equity market is on uninterrupted tear higher. Of course that is assuming you still call the equity market a market which technically is defined as;

"an open place where buyers and sellers convene for the sale of goods".

Wall St., please persuade me that this, in my considered view, whole centrally planned charade is not absolutely crushing the saver (aka retiree) segment of the population. Now add to this the fact that most of these retirees children in foreclosure and have moved back in or on the verge of doing so. I am to get excited about retailers because people are NOT paying their mortgage?

Please tell me your $300K, primary dealer adored, Ivy league MBA etched sheepskin has equipped you with something more substantial in your decision making process than;
  • Don't fight the Fed,
  • Buy the dip and
  • Hopefully I'll get a a chair when the music stops.

Climbing a wall of worry you say? That's the best you can come up with with that expensive MBA? Tell me why the minute I dig more than a few inches beneath the surface of an economic indicator announcement I am shocked at the discrepancies and manipulation. Tell me why I should ignore deteriorating volume as we swell higher or how new daily highs have declined as we march higher and while you're at it please tell me who, besides federally funded, backstopped and frontrunning Wall St. primary dealers, high frequency traders and the odd algorithmic hedge fund, is participating in this alleged 'market'?

Seriously, do you think Jack and Jane retiree is in this market? My view is they are much too smart to fall, again in many cases, for Jim Cramer and CNBC's brand of snake oil. They may not call it pump and dump scheme but they sure know what one is.

For those out there that wish to ignore evidence that is directly in front of your face with the correct albeit hollow response that " well, the markets going up" couched in the narcissistic belief they can eject before implosion, then all I can say is that you will get what you deserve.

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