Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick History Lesson

Do They Really Hate Us For Our Freedoms and Liberties? A short history lesson, which is the only thing the yellow-bellied, warmongering neocons fear more than actually having to suit up and be airlifted to the front line, might be in order. Much thanks to #BrandonSmith at for the link to this video below.


Is it possible the phrase 'reaping what you sow' applies. I wonder how we would react say if someone did that to us? Hmmm....



investment in farmland said...

Very good point about the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 and the imposition of the Shah as the Iranian rule. 99%-plus of westerners probably have no idea this ever happened, but you'd best believe it is burned into the Iranian psyche.

Harleydog said...


Thx 4 chiming in. I agree, & would add that sadly 99% of westerners don't know basic history but can name the last 4 American Idol winners. Truly pathetic!


buzzingstreet said...

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investment in farmland said...

Yes HD, and it was us Brits as well as the Americans who overthrew Mossadegh. Not a coincidence that it was the British Embassy where that big disturbance recently occured. You'd best believe that even secular Iranians who hate the regime might well rally to it if the West attacked.