Thursday, March 15, 2012


Prudens Speculari is going on semi-vacation the next few days as the NCAA Div. 1 Men's basketball tournament (aka #MarchMadness) commences. I will be glued to my TV over the next 4 days and the next few weeks as the tournament moves along and rooting for Michigan State (GO STATE !) all the while enjoying top notch basketball. If the first 2 play in games are any indication, (WKU & BYU comebacks) this year will be a doozy. For those interested my #FinalFour picks are:

Kentucky, Michigan State, Florida State, and North Carolina.

I then have MSU beating FSU in the final to become national champions for the 3rd time!!

I, like the rest of Rome, will allow myself to be entertained by games, but unlike many, only for a short while. Have a great day everyone!

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