Thursday, March 1, 2012

Real Journalism.

Never ever underestimate the lengths to which the ruling oligarchy will go to keep the Great Ponzi alive. Check out the news today of Israel to Begin Investing Reserves in U.S. Equities Today. Who do you think will be bailing them out when things go south? Hint, its the same debt serfs who bailed out Wall St. Still yet more fodder for the history books that will ridicule us.

Before you rush out and buy APPL today as it is the new wunderstock I want you to watch this short clip (5min).

This folks is real journalism. It is a refreshing exchange in which Irish Times journalist Vincent Browne, no not a faux journalist like you see over here in the U.S. but a real live honest to goodness journalist who doesn't grovel but rather professionally pursues the issue, confronts ECB banking stooge Klaus Masuch on the issue of Irish taxpayer funded bailouts of Euro banks.

Take special note how the stooge Masuch squirms uncomfortably as Browne persists in his questioning. Note also the female groveller (definitely a pro) next to him try to step in and come to his aid. The only thing more nauseating than the whole farce of this so-called financial system is the maggots that infest its upper reaches. Pathetic the whole lot, absolutely pathetic.

Oh yes, congratulations Mr. Browne on a job well done. Might you be available to come over here to the U.S. and educate our ministry of propaganda organs, known as the mainstream media, on how real journalists operate? Well done sir, well done!

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