Tuesday, June 19, 2012

With Expertise LIke This, Heaven Help Us

Regular readers know what I think of former proof reader turned Wall St. internet shill, turned bought and paid for lying thug, turned born again "I have a conscience now" faux pundit Henry Blodget. The apologists out there can save their breath and keystrokes making excuses for this sorry excuse of an individual. Professional history revisionist that he is Henry would have us believe he is quite the expert on all things economic and Wall St.

Actually there is no one I would prefer were I to need an expert lesson on deceit, misdirection, being on the take, bought and paid for smoke and mirrors horseshit sans maybe a Mary Meeker or a Jack Grubman. For a moment, lets forget the absolute unfathomable metamorphosis it takes to turn a BA in English proof reader into an Wall St. internet expert, which on its face should explain a whole hell of a lot about Wall St. to you, and focus on Henry's more recent masterpieces.

Yes, not content to take his generous Merrill severance money and do investors an enormous public service and disappear Blodget is back out trying to show us not only how magnanimous he has become, but also how his brilliant economic mind can be used for good now that he has grown a conscience. Which by the way should be much easier to have obtained given that 7 figure severance package but I digress. 

Lest you be fooled by Blodget and his self promotional propaganda campaign check out his latest gem of uber-imbecility out today entitled Yes, It's Time For A Massive Infrastructure Spending Program.

Just so you don't think I am anti Blodget 100% of the time ( I assure you I am an equal opportunity offender) I offer this gem I previously posted Send Your Kid to Princeton, Be My Guest of yet more uber-imbecility from a cat, Paul Krugman, who at times can almost corner the market in it. 

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